Love : A Bittersweet Symphony

Love, a deep diving word. An exhilarating experience, a word that cannot be expressed in words, a feeling which one experiences throughout their life, for this is the sole cause of pain.
Love better off be called as expectations and hence the pain.
Most people in this Universe , relate love to love for their Partners , their “better halves” , which is just one of the kinds , of course the most necessary of all , and a prodigious form , that makes your heart skip a beat , without any failure.
But, there is a slight issue there.
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Find Your Calling


“Many of us are not living our dreams, because we are living our fears.”

Not many of us understand the depth of these words and not many of us live our dreams. Some, because of their fears. Others, because they do not know their calling to follow these dreams. To them these dreams are just subconscious visual clipping that are processed by our potential thought process.
Sigh! Sad but true, Everyone is running to get somewhere , but to where, no one knows. We all are trapped in this cage of burden and responsibility in some form, so much so that there is a no way out but  to accept the responsibility and work towards it with a joyous frame of mind.

Joy is often interchangeably with happiness. But happiness is a very absurd concept and there is a variety to it. Transit happiness, momentary happiness, sensational happiness, long term happiness, happiness of all sorts in different colors borne by the white light like the colors of Rainbow. One may be happy yet not joyous.
Joy is within; happiness just stays as long as the Rainbow does. It brings its own spark, but it fades away.
Your calling, not necessarily work related, can make you achieve that joy within. As rightly said the most important day in your life is when you are born and the next most important day is when you find out WHY!!
The reason why we are born as humans is so we can think of our own better and give direction to our life , but most of us just let it go meaningless , not many do think , press pause, and introspect about what they want , why they want and how do they want to go about it. The reason being , the sense that is given to us for our betterment and for the evolution of self and the surroundings, is wasted by leakages like, anxiety , fear , remorse , anger , jealousy , comparison & all those negative feelings that constantly make us run in this life without any purpose.
Somewhere, here in this limbo of negative forces lies our productivity and calling. Here lies the sole purpose of why we live, the purpose of every breath we take!