“Home, is not a place but a feeling”

Home is that safe spot, where you can be who you are, you can talk your thoughts out loud and not feel vulnerable on being what you are and how you are, home is where you realize that your strength lies in your vulnerabilities and not in the walls. And home, is certainly not just a place, but a feeling.
The subtleties of ‘home as a feeling’ have been a very recent addition to my pool of thoughts. It wasn’t a very long time ago that I understood what it means to feel like being home.
One of these, fine evenings drawn with utmost tranquility within my heart and a smile on my face, I asked a friend, do you also feel differently with different people?
I am really oblivious of people who actually have this feeling of being the best of what they are with only some people.
The way we are, differs with the people we are with, the energies of each one brings out a different energy in us and carves a different us every time.
With some people, you feel you are at your best , just a thought of them, their presence, stimulates the calmness in your heart, it is like a feeling, that helps you pull through every situation in life, a feeling where you believe in yourself, and the reason is not your own faith, the reason is someone else’s faith in you.
I call this feeling Home.
Many people may come & go from our lives, and we often find transit homes, in order to appease our inner emotional desires, but we fail to understand the gradation between transitions and permanency in life. Transit homes, on one hand may give you the temporary happiness that you need at that point in time in life, but may detract you from your inner-self and the things that are of prime importance to you.
Even though it is espoused that nothing is constant and permanent, but some people propel you to grow further in life, help you achieve your utmost potential in the prevailing ambiguous turbulent surroundings. These people, the feeling, and the vibe they generate when they are around leaves you with the true emotional & mental satisfaction in life. That is when you know their permanency, that is when you discover the real you. Around these few people, you live in that moment and you wish the moment never ceases. Around them, your joys double and sorrows divide, but above all they help you be YOU, it is beyond the scope of any yarn in life.
I, personally have always been a self-reliant kind of person, who always believed in herself, to me, my surroundings were of less importance, until when I realized, the people you surround yourself with define who you become.

“You’re the average of the five people; you spend the most time with.” ~ Aimee Groth

It is just a revolutionary phase, when you understand, what impact someone’s presence has on your life, become aware of how you feel about yourself, when you are with someone. Not being around right people may erode your emotions to never know your true self. The true sense of home, will empower you and polish you to be nothing but the best, for yourself and as well as the people around you.


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. “Home” as a metaphor used beautifully. It is about seeking permanence in temporariness. All depends on the seeker, what and how they seek.
    Keep inspiring and writing. Great to see you back with this one. 🙂💫

    Liked by 1 person

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