Calmness of Waves : A Metaphor 🌊

In wide expanse of whiteness of water mingling with those of the clouds and a stretch of sand where eyes can see , each one is lost in their own world . Has a different definition of life , all of them so want to join hands , but the waves are sweeping them off. The waves are just homologous to the thoughts a person goes through , the rolling ride of the ongoing thoughts in our mind , Every being is striving for something or another , they are living a desire they have for themselves. Somewhere in so much beauty all a mind asks for is to make peace with itself. 

The essence of life, not lies in fulfilling all these desires but in making peace with the way one seeks to fulfill it. The tranquility lies in to be comfortable in your own skin, just as the way you are. Like the calmness in the gushing waves, makes it beautiful, a calm mind is an ultimate weapon to bring out the exuberant desires and achieve them.

Achieving a calm mind in this turbulent surroundings is Grueling. Someone very dear to me, once told me, 

“To Every Stimulus there is a response, but between every stimulus and response, there is a choice, and the choice is entirely yours.” 

Often, in our lives we levy the burden of our actions and reactions to the circumstances. Circumstances were just the stimulus , but your reaction to it was the choice you made to respond to it. It’s rightly said, our choices decide the person we become. 

The simpler it may seem in theory, the more strenuous it is in practice. Human Dynamics have conditioned us in such a way, that to every action, we do give a reaction. But, the day we realize that not all things require a reaction, be it internally or externally, will be the day when our mind will become as peaceful and yet euphoric as these waves.


5 thoughts on “Calmness of Waves : A Metaphor 🌊

  1. This one is insightful, Untangling the complexities of thoughts in the mind through peace and patience.
    Mind, the controlling body of the body needs a tough controller, which has to be YOU.
    Waves teaches the best lesson to be powerful, courageous, challenging, have perseverance and yet to stay calm. 🙂
    Thoughtfully and very well written. 🙂

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