Teacher : The Real Divinity

” Indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”

Coming from the land of Vedas and Upanishads the value of a Guru is more than one can put in the labyrinth of words. A Guru : Teacher, Mentor , Guide or a Master. A teacher brings out the best in your personality, carves you into your best self possible. Seems like just words and not reality ? 
Let me recite a short parable to you. 
It is about a little girl , filled with passion and inquisitions, her eyes gleaming with curiosity. Her mind was stuffed with questions, and she wore her heart on her sleeve. In this cynical world she was a girl who painted a rosy picture about life. On this uphill journey called life,she lost her most precious gem and remained entangled in her loss, this loss filled her heart with fears. Her fears grew over her , stopped her from tinkering with her curiosity, it stopped her from being her. Little did she know that life which is a teacher itself was acting on her , making her wiser at such a tender age. Her loss had brought out her dull side, but it did make her stronger with the struggles one faces in life. 
At school , she felt herself to be lesser than others, at one end all her classmates were full of chirrup and on other end she was a wanderer , always lost in her inquisitions. She did have her dreams, but with the burden of life they were slowly getting buried. On one random day at school , amidst her thoughts , she heard a voice screaming at her, ” Yes you, answer this question” , fear drew her in and all she could do was stammer. Growing up with constant ridicule at school and a burden acting on her heart, a kid of barely 10 years old , lost all confidence in herself. But there was a ray of hope to save the kid, to save her dreams , to retain her curiosity. A teacher politely , appreciated her for her work, and she kept praising her , the praise made her work better and better. She slowly gained her confidence in the work she did. Simultaneously, another teacher groomed her in a playful manner. She started liking school, started smiling and enjoying like everyone else did.
Now, came a turning point in her life, from where the liberation of fear and anguish from her heart began. A teacher , no less than a mother , recognized her yearning soul, she was actually a mother away from home. She nurtured her , talked to her , set goals for her , made her reflect on the mistakes she committed in her own entanglements. She was a true mentor, she transformed a dull star to the most dazzling star in the night sky. Soon she became an office bearer of her school, with responsibilities and authorities. Just the support and appraisal from her teachers transformed her, it brought out the dying potential in her. 
 They made her feel safe in their bosom and simultaneously warned her of the real world outside. 
Out of her school, she had teachers too. Those who didn’t spend as much time with her as her school teachers did but still always tapped on her potential, and made her grow exponentially in life. 
She passed school, secured a well dignified score. A teacher, a guide not only helped her excel with a particular subject , but asked her to join him as an assistant teacher in his institute. It was not about the job, it was about the trust someone bestowed in her , someone who is not a member of her family , made her feel worthy of her being. 
Her growth out of her school did not stop , at all stages in her life she met teachers who trusted her , who helped her even though she was the most notorious student at college. 
Stepping into her masters, a point from where on every person competes for their daily bread. She was fortunate enough to meet a teacher who still peeped in her eyes and saw the broken soul, even though she aced at a lot in life, she had shut one part of her for the world. Her teacher picked up those broken pieces and gave them to her to be woven into a single piece again. Sometimes excelling in academics or winning a first price isn’t all, being a good human and orienting yourself in the best possible manner is also crucial. 
She embraced the life with a smile, but still had doubts in her heart. A teacher, in whom she saw a reflection of her father. A man so noble , that the words of reverence resonated in all corners with his name. A man full of thoughts , ideas , knowledge. Not only did he give a piece of his mind to her as an everyday dosage, but also taught her how to raise the bar of excellence for herself. With a mentor like him, learning became her favourite thing and growing was fun.
She was an aggregation of efforts of many in her life. She had lost herself a long back , hadn’t these teachers been there to make her believe she can do all she wishes for. 
Not many today understand the value of a teacher, but a teacher unknowingly does impact the lives of innumerable children who would have lost themselves in the way of life and bringout the best in them. 
And if anyone asks me , If you meet God and your teacher together, whom will you bow down to ? Of course, My Teacher. For you made me what i am. 
Wish you a very Happy Teachers Day! 


One thought on “Teacher : The Real Divinity

  1. Though it is said, “life is a teacher” but teachers in our academics are the ones who nurture the saplings. A teacher is a representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as the shlok per the Gita and it’s very apt.
    An engaging and emotional blog about someone who knows who she is and knows the purpose of her existence. 🙂 And it is evidently so because of her teachers.
    God bless the journeys of all.

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