“Prisoner of Patriarchy”


I am a Muslim, I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist, I am a Sikh, and I am an Atheist.

I am twenty, I am thirty, I am forty and I am Fifty.

I am Single, I am Married, and I am Divorced.

I am Half the Country.”

-Kalki Koechlin

Moving down the realms of history one realizes how far we have come in this journey of breaking down the unyielding belief of Patriarchy. It is often said and espoused that “If a man can’t do something, there is absolutely no point for a woman to even try it.” It may seem to you that I utter nothing, but gibberish. But dear, you are unaware that even in 21st century you will find prisoners of Patriarchy.

Though, we have moved past the point where women were only restricted to household chores. A modern day woman is seen in the eyes of every woman who proved herself to be as competent as a man. Some women who have embossed their names like, Chanda Kochhar, Sania Mirza, Kiran Mazumdar, Saina Nehwal, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Naina Lal Kidwai, are living inspiration for every woman to grow.

Despite this, even today, there are unwanted daughters, women being a subject to domestic violence, sexual assault, insult to modesty, trafficking, persecution for dowry and innumerable, implausible transgressions which of course aren’t acceptable but overlooked in the land where we worship mighty goddesses. But, you know what is worse, a woman who has to prove her mettle every time she chooses to live her dreams. A woman, silently giving up on her inner desires, her aspirations, her beliefs and her ideologies. Be it a mother, a wife, a daughter or even a sister, every girl at some stage in her life gives up on something that she really wanted to hold.

The dominance over women in today has camouflaged in a manner that it really isn’t visible to the outside world, but it is felt deeply. Go ask a woman, when she had to leave her job to raise her kids, to tranquilize the environment in her family. Go ask a girl, who had to leave her education, because marriage is the ultimate goal for a girl. It really doesn’t matter you maybe Sania Mirza or Jennifer Aniston, but you are not “settled” until you are married and become a mother. Go ask a female, when she was rejected in an interview for being nothing but a girl, because we are just perceived as not fit for a certain task. Go ask a mother, who carried her child for nine months, but later is rebuked by them; because, she is nothing but dependent. At no stage in her life is she free, as a daughter, she was answerable to father; as wife to her husband and as a mother to her son. Go ask a wife, every time her husband may howl at her in his anger. Go ask a sister, when she sees her brother enjoying autonomy in life, just because he is a boy. Go ask half of the country on how they feel being stared at by random men, ask them how they feel when they hear, “You are a girl and there will always be a difference”. Ask them, please; on how they feel about the reclusiveness they are treated with. It isn’t visible , it just isn’t. Patriarchy is not the roots of our society, because one can cut off the roots. Patriarchy in this country is like the human blood. It just circulates, and circulates.
“No matter how many Wimbledon we win or number ones in the world we become, we don’t become settled.” –Sania Mirza
As women, the right to make our own choices is in the hands of the society. We are free, but only virtually. We are often faced by conflict of interests. Where, the other end isn’t even our interest, but the stigma of this highly bigoted society. Only very few women are able to come out of this viscous environment and be bold enough to choose her over this misanthropy. A famous personality, Sania Mirza could be heard, nationwide. But, how about the others who can’t speak for themselves. The viscous circle that has ensnared women for several years now is not just created by our dear men, but also by all those women who can’t stand up for each other. It is created every time a woman is gawking at another for what she is wearing and how she is behaving, it is created every time, a little girl is told by her mother what is right as per society and what is wrong. It is created by the lack of courage to raise their voices and to choose the easier way that is living in this subdued state now and forever.

It is a big deal to change the whole nation’s mentality. To make them understand that we are tired of these inequalities. To make them realize giving your sons liberty to roam about also gives them the liberty to rule your daughters. Balancing the scale is the need of the hour, where every independent girl can soar high with pride on her upbringing as an individual. Envisage on how it isn’t about gender, it is about individuality. That how the dividing sexes and gender gaps aren’t helping us grow in a better environment. How we just don’t seem to understand and continue to abide by the ripples of stereotyping. And every time we fail to understand this gradation , we give birth to a prisoner of patriarchy.


16 thoughts on ““Prisoner of Patriarchy”

      1. Men are such emotional beings. They get hurt so easily and any criticism will make them display how fragile their masculinity truly is

        So ladies this is how you discern between the wolves and the sheep in wolves’ clothing😉

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    1. Hi Sir !!
      I totally agree with your views and they are factual things that you have stated , while i tried to portray things within the heart of a woman , being a woman.
      But , nonetheless thank you for liking my post and sharing your views on the same line.

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  1. Very well written. I agree that women have to go through a lot in this society. It is about the conditioning, the mindsets our society have developed. I still remember how my mother managed her house, her children and her job at one point of time. It was difficult but not impossible. But as they always say the outcome is in your control. For eg.- Multi-tasking is one of the things women are good at…similarly there are many more things they’re good at. It’s the balance which needs to be maintained. But considering the mindset our society has developed. .still long way to go. More awareness is required. Though People are educated but still lack basic understanding of fundamentals. However, if everything is done within limits. .there should absolutely be no problem going ahead and pursuing what you want to. Let’s hope for the best. Cheers! =)

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  2. Every time you pen down your thoughts, you make us feel more proud of you.. You have the ability and courage to touch such sensitive issues of the society and express it appropriately.. though millions of people will connect with this but many may also misinterpret your thoughts or retaliate… that should not impact your thoughts… Patriarchal is a very subjective term these days.. with society being more progressive.. more educated families.. degree differs..
    I feel blessed to be part of families where I have a platform to pursue all my dreams and live life my way but still I relate with each word of this article as someday somewhere I had the same thoughts going in my mind.. y so many expectations from girls.. y this overprotection for girls.. when we have only males females and animals living around and when harm from animals is going to be the same for male and female then y a female is asked to be more cautious.. if the harm is from a male then y not give him a piece of advice, punish the wrong ones and make this society free for all..
    Y at the job when a women puts same amount of efforts if not more than a man.. people categories her as she is married, she has kids, she has her family commitments.. when the fact remains same for a man that even he is a husband.. a father
    but all thanks to my families that they balanced such questions for me and appreciated me as a daughter, sister, wife, daughter in law and above all a girl..
    Having said that.. even with so much support from loved ones I can relate to this sooo much…
    I hope each daughter is given equal opportunity, if not more than a son.. each daughter is treated as an asset and not liability.. if this equality is created within each house and girls are motivated to stand up tall in this society.. no one can look down upon a women, no one can pull her down at work..
    This life should be a blessing for both a girl and a boy.. a girl should not die with the thoughts that had she been a boy she would have led her life in a better way and lived her dreams..

    Hope your sincere efforts make a difference.. 👍👍

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    1. I seee an artist in my sister too! 😍🤗
      I really liked how you said that degree of patriarchy varies these day !! Thats how i say it’s been camouflaged !
      But you remain an immense support and inspiration for me , to climb up the ladder always!! Thank youuu. 😘😘


  3. That’s one of the most powerful readings I have ever came across. Very true in every sense.
    It’s the hypocrisy of society who talks of gender equality and do not follow in real sense. Patriarchy is followed since ages all over the world, and it’s the root cause of several situations today. Had there been strong voices against it in the history. Situations might have been different.
    Things are gradually changing. But to fasten this change, More voices at the world stage is the need of the hour.
    Kudos for this one. 👍

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